The engagement at Bacchus


Emily Reimsnyder and Ramsey Diament were married on March 23, 2018, the same weekend as “Hogs for the Cause,” the big fundraiser that benefits children’s cancer research! Emily has been in public relations for years and went right to her friend Mike Ruoss, the culinary director of Three of a Kind Restaurant Group, who always has a team for “Hogs for the Cause”! They asked Mike to cater their reception: pasta, salads, a charcuterie grazing table, cochon de lait sandwiches with aioli sauce and a wedding cake. Emily and Ramsey wanted to make a generous donation to Mike’s, team so it worked out perfectly. They had 250 at the reception and danced all night to Bag of Donuts!

Emily and Ramsey first met at “White Linen Night” and were introduced by friends, who all at one time lived in an apartment on Webster Street at Perrier Street. They met again at the “Red Dress Run” and after that they were a couple. Ramsey proposed to Emily the night of the Bacchus parade on the balcony of Superior Grill. He asked for the microphone and proposed with the whole crowd listening! She definitely said, “Yes!”

They had the bridal luncheon at Arnaud’s, the rehearsal dinner at Brennan’s, the wedding at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Immaculate Conception and reception at the Civic Theatre. After dancing all night, they took a pedicab ride to the Roosevelt Hotel. Friends gave a beautiful party the next day, and then they were off to Antigua for their honeymoon.


Porcine Partying

Top Left: Emily and Ramsey by the church  Top Right: Bridesmaids  Middle Right: Leaving the church with bouquet in the air  Bottom Left: Reception at the Civic  Bottom Right: The kiss as they depart