If you’re still in the early stages of your engagement, make sure you complete these eight things before you launch into full wedding mode. If you’re closer to the big day, check this list to make sure you didn’t miss any key steps.

Post Proposal Pointers

1. Talk logistics. Who is paying for your wedding? What is the budget? Are you expected to get married in a church? Discuss these topics with your family at the beginning so you can avoid arguments later.

2. Tell your friends and family. Enjoy the fact that you just got engaged! Relish in the attention for a little bit before you start worrying about wedding plans. Remember to tell close friends and family by phone. Facebook announcements can come later.

3. Get a manicure. You’re going to be taking a lot of photos of your engagement ring, and therefore, your hands. Treat yourself to a manicure so your ring finger is in top shape.

Post Proposal Pointers

4. Get your engagement ring insured. Your engagement ring is an important keepsake you never want to be without, but sometimes bad luck happens. Talk to your insurance agent about getting it insured. Make sure you read the whole policy so you understand what is covered and what is not.

5. Seek out inspiration and information. Pinterest is a great website to find inspiration for your wedding, but there are other ways to find ideas to incorporate into your big day. Read a few wedding magazines and talk to friends and relatives for color ideas, dress styles and vendor referrals.

6. Figure out who is in your wedding party. Your friends will be waiting. Decide how big your wedding party will be and also how many guests you plan to have.

Post Proposal Pointers

7. Pick your date. The date depends a lot on your wedding location, but decide on a general time of the year, so you know what to tell coordinators when checking on availability. You will also have an answer when someone asks you when you’re getting married.

8. Make a wedding website. You can fit a lot more on a wedding website than you can on an invitation. Create a wedding website to show guests who is in your wedding, where you’re registered and more. Check out theknot.com and eWedding.com; both offer wedding websites for free.