Organizing your home can feel like a monumental task — especially when words like “magic” and “life-changing” are thrown into the mix. The good news? Just a few hours invested in decluttering high-traffic areas, like your closet, can save time and provide you with a sense of calm while getting dressed each morning, says Certified Professional Organizer Jenny Gautreaux of Complete Organization.

Gautreaux first recommends thinking about the storage you wish you had. There are plenty of hacks and gadgets that can expand your space without a total closet reno. But before you buy anything, think about what can go. (You knew this was coming, right?) Gautreaux says she doesn’t have strict rules about determining what to toss, but questions like, “When is the last time you wore this?” usually do the trick.

“When I work with my clients, sometimes all I have to do is look at them, and they know, ‘you caught me, I don’t really wear this,’” she laughs.

Sorting clothes by category and color can also illuminate where you need to edit, Gautreaux adds. Once you have everything categorized, you can start determining the best spot for each group. Although she’s usually flexible, one thing Gautreaux insists on, is matching hangers all facing the same way — she’s partial to Huggable Hangers.

If your closet doesn’t have built-in cubbies, Gautreaux opts for fabric bins and baskets. She always hangs belts, ties and jewelry — install a few hooks or invest in specialized hangers if you need. If you’re still out of space, you may have to cut even further.

“We wear 20 percent of our wardrobe, 80 percent of time,” stresses Gautreaux.

Chances are, you won’t miss it.


Master closet organization

1. Make a game plan. What kind of storage are you lacking?

2. Edit, edit, edit. Get rid of anything you don’t wear.

3. Categorize and color-code everything.

4. Hang clothes facing the same direction.

5. Store other items neatly, using bins, cubbies, hooks and racks.

About the Organizer: As a certified professional organizer, Jenny Gautreaux, has decluttered homes from Wichita to New York City. Now back home in Lafayette, she’s creating order in the Acadiana area through her business, Complete Organization.