It’s easy to get jealous of your favorite celebrity when you see her walking down the red carpet with flawless skin and perfect teeth. While you may not be famous, it’s still possible for you to get that same look for your walk down the aisle. You can take advantage of all the amazing procedures and treatments available today, even if you don’t have an A-list glam squad. You can find the same services in and around New Orleans, as long as you plan ahead.

If you’re looking for a stunning smile, make sure you book an appointment months in advance, suggests Dr. Darrell Bourg Jr., a family dentist with Exceptional Dental (2521 Ames Blvd., Suite C, Marrero, 340-9696, and the incoming president of the New Orleans Dental Association.

“When we see brides, the biggest thing they are looking for is teeth whitening and veneers,” Bourg says. “They want to change the color or the shape of their teeth. Typically we need to see them two months before the wedding and, at the least, two to three weeks before.”

With teeth whitening, brides need to know that fillings and crowns won’t change color so you could end up with a two-tone mouth. “Plus it takes time for the whitening to settle down to its best color, so brides should work with a professional to achieve a cohesive look,” Bourg adds.

Bourg says there are three different techniques. One is whitening in the office, which works well and is the most predictable. Another is custom trays that also work well and are cost effective. The third technique is power bleaching, which is a combination of in-office and at home treatments. There are also over-the-counter options.

Veneers and caps are also a common way to achieve a beautiful smile, but brides need to plan four to six months for those.

“A lot of times, the mother or father of the bride want a good looking smile and finally decide to have a crown or implant, so they need to come and see us early enough too,” Bourg says.

Having a smile to compete with any Hollywood A-lister is possible, but remember to allocate the right time and resources to do it.

Kristi King, a licensed aesthetician at About Face (3441 E. Causeway Approach, Suite C, Mandeville, (985)727-1887, suggests a six-week series of peels that provides brides with a great way to get their skin wedding-ready.

“Each peel is different and customized to address different issues the bride-to-be may be facing,” she says. “Each one has a different active ingredient and they become a little stronger each time. The peels address fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, acne breakouts, dullness and incorporate ingredients like enzymes and glycolic acid.  

The results are immediate and there is usually little downtime, King says. The aestheticians also focus on the neck area to make sure that the skin on the face and neck down to the dress line looks consistently beautiful.  

“Ideally brides should come in three months ahead of time,” King adds. “Each peel is $50 or if you prepay for your six peels, we can offer one free at $250. During the treatments we also help brides get into a good skincare routine at home to maximize the benefits.”

For the rest of the body, brides often want to get rid of stubborn and unwanted fat. One spot to do that is Audubon Dermatology (3525 Prytania St., Suite 501, 895-3376,, where you will find the Liposonix laser.

“Liposonix is a truly revolutionary procedure which allows you to lose an inch of fat, with one procedure, in one hour to become one size smaller,” says Dr. Deirdre Hooper, co-founder of Audubon Dermatology. “It’s an in-office procedure with typically no downtime and results are seen at around eight to 12 weeks. It safely eradicates fat from around the waistline and the fat is gone for good.”

Hooper says there is hard clinical data that supports this weight loss treatment. Double blind trials have shown it is a safe, non-invasive way to eradicate fat.

“Our patients have been delighted with the results,” she says.

Sherril Monson describes Skin Science (3213 17th St., Metairie, 309-7048,, which she opened in 2012, as the first “medical anti-aging spa” in the New Orleans area.  

Skin Science offers a membership service where you pay $119.99 a month and receive $150 worth of services plus 20 percent off products and additional services, or $79.99 a month for $100 worth of services and 10 percent off products and additional services. Services include Botox, dermal fillers, peels and laser hair removal to cellulite treatments and bodywraps.

“Not only is this a great value but it also helps people, particularly brides, get into a treatment regime which they can sustain,” Monson says. “We start with a skin analysis three to nine months before the wedding to assess what the bride needs and then recommend a program for home and at the spa.

All recommendations are physician-directed and there are two doctors on site.

“Nearer the big day, brides often opt for treatments such as eyelash extensions and facials,” Monson continues. “With membership package optional, they can just call up and drop in, too.”

New Orleanian brides now have the most up-to-date and effective treatments available to them; the key to optimizing these resources seems to be in the planning of both time and budget! Just remember you are worth it.