NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The team at the Preservation Hall Foundation announced an open call for applications for its 2019 Sousafund, a program which grants music students basses and tubas to use in school music programs. The application is open to any student in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. The deadline to submit applications is Aug. 30.

The Sousafund launched in March 2018 after Ben Jaffe, son of Preservation Hall founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe, had his sousaphone stolen. The fund was created to ensure New Orleans jazz and brass band culture will be made meaningful to the present. Thriving local tradition engages people from cradle to grave.

“When my sousaphone went missing following a show last March, there was a tremendous outpouring of concern and support. We started the Sousafund as a positive response,” said Jaffe. “I’m gratified to know the support is enduring and the fund will continue into a second year of instrument grants.”

Preservation Hall Foundation retains ownership while instruments are being used by students. If a student decides to pursue a career in music, including applying to music schools across the country, the instrument ownership is passed on to the student.

“I am proud that Preservation Hall Foundation is playing a part in providing more equity in music education in New Orleans by providing students the access to instruments that are otherwise very costly,” said Ashley Shabankareh, Foundation Director of Programs. “We look forward to providing more instruments to students this fall.”

In 2018, beneficiaries received a round of three sousaphones and an upright bass. Recipients included:

  • • Kerry Lewis, Jr., Upright Bass, Xavier University New Orleans
  • • Perryion Landry, Sousaphone, St. Katherine Drexel Prep
  • • Darryl Mutin, Sousaphone, The Net Charter High School: Central City
  • • Darnell Lewis, Sousaphone, Edna Karr High School

Fall beneficiaries will receive two sousaphones and three upright basses.

Instruments will be presented to students during a 5:00 p.m. ceremony at Hotel Peter and Paul in the Marigny neighborhood on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

The application link can be found here: Sousafund Application.

For more information, please contact Ashley Shabankareh, Director of Programs, at, 504-309-2123, or visit