Year Founded: 1927
Theme: “The White Palace in Belgrade, Serbia: The 1922 Imperial Wedding of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Princess Maria of Romania Honoring the Visitor, Edward, Prince of Wales”
Photographer: Rudy Bierhuizen of Mike Posey Photography & Video

Charity: Her Majesty’s favorite nonprofit is the Alpha Phi Foundation, “Not only because I’m involved in Alpha Phi, but because I love the foundation’s purpose: to support women’s heart health through raising awareness of the need to improve cardiovascular care for women and raising money for research. I believe that it’s crucial to raise awareness and further study women’s hearts because ‘heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States’ (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).”


Her Majesty Queen Persia Miss Miss Whitney Kent Churchill

Pages Master Graham Mears Ralston Jr., Master John Murdock Highsmith and Master Patrick Talbot Dugan, with Maids Miss Aimee Marie Barnes and Miss Isabella Catherine Colosimo, and Pages Master Carter Nathaniel Moore, Master Ryan Patrick Martin and MasterRoyce Dean Yount III

Ladies-In-Waiting Miss Adriana Isabel Mehaffie, Miss Laura Elise Vickery, Miss Hadley Chopin Pinkerton and Miss Riley Mains Brennan, with Maid Miss Aimee Marie, and Pages Masters Carter Nathaniel Moore, Master John Murdock Highsmith and Master Patrick Talbot Dugan, and Princesses Miss Garlan Eleanor Wise, Miss Courtney Anne Habetz and Miss Catherine Ashby Turner, with Her Majesty Queen Persia Miss Whitney Kent Churchill and His Majesty the Great Shah of all of the Persias, and Maid Miss Isabella Catherine Colosimo, with Ladies-In-Waiting Miss Katie Paige Gardes, Miss Ashley Anne Michaelis, Miss Sydney Caroline Raymond and Miss Audrey Kathryn Wild, and Princesses Miss Meredith Anne Mills, Miss Edith Claire Naquin, Miss Elizabeth Collins Koppel and Miss Charlotte Eugenia Estrada, and Pages Masters Ryan Patrick Martin, Master Graham Mears Ralston Junior and Master Royce Dean Yount III