The Riverbend neighborhood has a pretty impressive collection of restaurants, spanning the price spectrum from fine dining to cheap college eats and spanning nationalities from Thailand to Main Street, USA. Part of this assortment is Pupuseria La Macarena, a family-owned Honduran joint whose bright, cheerful colors pop out on Hampson Street like a blue-and-gold macaw.

The specialties here are pupusas, flat round disks of cornmeal studded with tangy cheese and beans. They resonate on the comfort food level, and their earthy taste and fresh preparation are a huge part of their appeal. Traditional fillings include cheese, pork and beans, but they can be accessorized with a number off other additions, such as shrimp. If you can’t decide, try a sampler, which includes three pupusas rounded out with ramekins of vinegary cabbage slaw called “curtido,” sour cream, black beans and salsa, plus a couple of terrific chunks of fried sweet plantain.

Lunch offers plenty of combination platters, allowing you to try a number of different offerings. Prices are pretty reasonable but not as cheap as some other of the new taquerias around town. The alcohol policy is BYOB, but a couple of surprisingly complex tropical tea options are available. Try the tamarind, whose sweet-and-sour flavor goes well with the food. Free delivery is available after 5 p.m. Seating is limited, and bring some cash –– La Macarena does not accept plastic.

Pupuseria La Macarena
8120 Hampson St.