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Put A Ring In It

            During the engagement and planning period for a wedding, gifts and other tokens of appreciation are bestowed upon the bride, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers – and the list goes on. It can become exhausting trying to find the right gift to express gratitude, but every once in a while a beautiful memento appears. The Mrs. Box is a perfect reminder of the happy couple.

            Made from 40 to 100 year old vintage French velvet, The Mrs. Box is not just a ring box; it is an item to pass down and cherish for generations. The ring acts as the center of focus and each box can be chosen and monogrammed according to the recipient. Many of the pieces will have a naturally “worn” look to them, due the age of the velvet, and imperfections are often visible – adding to the charm and beauty. These boxes are not only great for brides-to-be, but they can serve as a thoughtful bridesmaid gift.

            What makes these boxes even more special and rare is the materials used come from mills no longer in existence. Because of this, each color offered is in limited edition and will no longer be available after it sells out.

            Once you have chosen your color, a monogram initial can be added to the top of the box. The initials are imprinted using a vintage foil press and you can select from gold, silver or rose gold colors. This little touch makes the box an even more personal gift given to those you love.


Put A Ring In It

Put A Ring In It Put A Ring In It



The boxes are small, when it comes to fit and sizes here is what The Mrs. Box website says:


“Our boxes are meant to be petite so that your ring is the central focus. They surprisingly accommodate quite large stones, but may not fit a multiple ring set, so please be aware.

Your ring will fit if it is under:

33mm height (from base of ring to top of stone)

24mm diameter (if your ring is under 5mm thick)

18mm diameter (if your ring is over 5mm thick)


Men’s bands may not fit because they are both thick and large in diameter. For example, a size 13 ring (24mm in diameter), 8mm thick; will NOT look good in our boxes!

If you are concerned about fit, feel free to place your order and if it doesn’t work out, send us back your box and we’ll happily refund any non-monogrammed item.”



Put A Ring In It Put A Ring In It



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