From Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw (à la HBO’s hit “Sex and the City”) a good shoe can really take you places – whether in love or a fabulous party. A good pair of shoes might easily lift up your spirits, all the while turning a drab outfit into something fabulous. So, why wouldn’t what’s on your feet be a big part of your wedding day attire?

The “Let Them Eat Cake” team recently read an article from highlighting Crocs’ new bedazzled wedding shoe. While we wouldn’t exactly suggest rocking these on your Big Day, it did prompt us to question whether or not there is a right shoe to wear while walking down the aisle.

We asked the married ladies in our office what they wore on their wedding day and what they suggest when picking out your “I Do” shoe.

Did you have the perfect wedding shoe? Let us know in the comments below!

Melanie Warner SpencerNew Orleans Bride Magazine and “Let Them Eat Cake” editor – said:

My wedding day shoes for both the ceremony and reception were a satin kitten heel. The straps went around the toes and up around the ankle so they felt secure when walking down the aisle, standing to visit with friends and family and boogying on the dance floor during the reception and the after party.

Ashley McLellanNew Orleans Magazine managing editor – said:

Our reception was held outside in a grassy field, so I purchased some plain champagne colored, satin heels from Payless.  You couldn’t see them anyway due to the length of my dress, so when they got a little wet and grassy, it was no big deal.  It made me more relaxed knowing I could dance and celebrate without having to worry about ruining expensive shoes.

Kim Singletary – Biz New Orleans editor – said:

I wore something low, with a chunky heel but high enough that I didn’t have to have my dress altered.

I’d suggest COMFY! I would have done running shoes if I could have (a la “Father of the Bride”) but the skirt of my dress would have had to have been taken up and I was young and very price conscious.

Suzanne P. Tafur – associate news editor – said:

For my wedding – since I’m not even five-feet-tall – I gave myself a little boost in height by wearing four-inch platform heels. I rarely wear heels, so I was concerned that I’d be teetering down the aisle, looking like a kid playing dress up in her mom’s clothes. But these shoes were surprisingly comfortable. They’re made by a brand called Nina and less than a hundred bucks. Also, they are white satin, so I can possibly dye them a different color at some point. (Devil-may-care red is a strong possibility). For the reception, I changed into a pair of old wedge sandals that I’d worn so often, the soles were practically molded to fit my feet. I was able to dance the night away (and I did).

Jeanel Luquette – Renaissance Publishing director of marketing and events – said:

I switched out of my heels as soon as we got to the reception and changed into gold, four-inch wedge sneakers. The gold went with my color palette but also I knew they would be great Mardi Gras shoes so it served a dual purpose.

The problem with the heels is, you don’t want to wear them before (usually photographers want to photograph them) but then they never get broken in and really hurt that day. Also, if you get married outside, make sure you have pedestals for your heels (and bridesmaids) so you don’t sink into the ground.

My heels were Betsey Johnson Blue (blue bottoms), and my sneakers were Guess. I got so many compliments on the sneakers.

Kate HenryNew Orleans Magazine sales manager – said:

I wore a pair of super sparkly Jimmy Choo heels, short enough that I wouldn’t be taller than my husband-to-be. They were stunning for photos and the ceremony, but after a dance or two I was so uncomfortable that I changed into a pair of falling-apart, soles worn almost all the way through to my feet, gray flats (that were once white) that the venues generous general manager gave me from her own feet as she switched to flip flops. In hindsight, I’d say definitely go for comfort and something that allows you to look UP at your husband even if they’re flats (if you’re a similar height!) … much better for pictures and, most importantly, dancing!

Rachel WebberNew Orleans Magazine account executive – said:

I wore a pair of rhinestone, strappy heels. They were NOT brand new and bottoms were scuffed and ready to wear.

My advice? DON’T DO IT!! Just kidding… As far as shoes go, I would definitely suggest shoes that you will be comfortable in. A lot of unforeseen things happen on that day and things do not always go according to plan; its best to make sure that the shoes you wear are broken in and that you’ll be able to walk the next day. Buy them. Wear them. Dance in them way before you decide to wear them on your wedding day!

Lisa Picone LoveSt. Charles Avenue sales managers – said:

I wore a pair of metallic gold Naturalizer flats with stone embellishment on the toe. No they did not look like old lady shoes (haha) that I would recommend! So comfortable I had them on ALL DAY – from my 11 a.m. photos through my ceremony, second line, reception, after party and late dinner until midnight!