Q&A with the Saints' Lance Moore

The wide receiver shares his love for football, cooking shows and his favorite thing about New Orleans.
Craig Mulcahy

Wide receivers are the saints or the sinners of football. They can catch the “Hail Marys” or drop the five-yard “easy” pass. But whatever the position they may find themselves in, they’re often the focus of the quarterback, defensive backfield or the fans.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore has been playing these dual roles since high school – when his number was 1, as it was at University of Toledo (as a Saint it’s No. 16). Moore’s professional football career began in 2005 when the Cleveland Browns signed him as a free agent. Cut after the third preseason game, the New Orleans Saints picked him up that same year. It wasn’t until ’07 that Moore hit his stride as a player, with ’12 being a particularly good year for him with 65 receptions for a career-high 1,041 yards and six touchdowns. In addition to his position as wide receiver, Moore has also served as a punt returner and kick returner – obviously he’s a key player with the Saints.

“I have an extraordinary amount of trust and confidence in Lance Moore, which has been built up over seven years of workouts, practices and games,” says New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. “When you have worked with someone for that long, like I have with both him and Marques Colston, the chemistry that you see between us is the result of it.”

Moore is also active in the community: His Lance Moore Community Cares Foundation (LanceMooreCC.org) “… is dedicated to strengthening the community both now and for future generations and is committed to helping people to help themselves and those around them, in hopes of leading productive and satisfying lives … It serves disadvantaged children and families who are in need of financial, educational and communal assistance,” states the foundation’s website.

He was named the New Orleans Saints 2012 Man of the Year and the team nominated him for the National Football League’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which is given annually by the NFL honoring a player’s volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field.

And there’s more: In 2012, Moore was bestowed the USA Today All-Joe Award, given to a player who NFL players and coaches believe are hard workers who may have been overlooked by the media, and 2012 United Way Hope Award, for commitment to the community. Moore is the spokesman for the Saints Copeland’s Kids Club as well as the Saints Keep Gym in Schools promotion, and a Play 60/Got Milk Ambassador. Other endeavors include his foundation’s toy drive, Football Camp for Her Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Football Camp for Kids and Home Runs for Kids Celebrity Softball Game.

Saint or sinner? Right now he’s a Saint, of course.

In your own words, what’s the job of a wide receiver? First and foremost to be confident, a playmaker, but the one that has to worry about the success of the team first; not only their own (personal) success; a willing blocker; and to catch the ball.

Is there another wide receiver, from another team, that you watch? Reggie Wayne (wide receiver with the Indianapolis Colts).

Who is the hardest player you’ve come up against? I try to stay away from the players that hit hard.

There are roles for wide receivers – split end, slot back, slot receiver and flanker. As the starting wide receivers for the Saints, do you and Marques Colston play a specific role? In this office, they move all of us around so there is no specific spot that we play. We all kind of play everywhere.
What was your longest catch? It was an 80-yard touchdown reception in the Atlanta Falcons game on Sept. 26, 2010.

Anything in your game that you feel you could do better? I can always get better. More yards after the catch, and to block better.

What do you like best about New Orleans? Playing here – because of the fans.

What was the one thing that surprised you arrived to New Orleans? My rookie year was when the Saints were in San Antonio, so I didn’t come to New Orleans until 2006. But, I would say how fanatical the Who Dat Nation is. I’m from Columbus, Ohio, where Ohio State is, and it was pretty crazy there – but nothing like here. Ohio State has historically been good, versus the Saints who had not been good for a long time, but the fans were loyal – die-hard.

True Confession: I like cooking shows, such as “Chopped” or “Master Chef.”

Since you are a fan of cooking shows, what is your “signature dish”? Pizza-baked pasta.

(Want to learn more about day-to-day Lance Moore? Follow his entertaining Twitter: @LanceMoore16)

At a Glance

  Profession:   Wide receiver, New Orl eans Saints  Age:  29 Family:   Parents: Rick and Debbie; brother Nick, who’s a slot back in  Canadian Football League – BC Lions; an older half brother, Roland; and an older half sister, Quintrilla. My girlfriend is Kasey. Resides: Metairie   Education:   Westerville South High School (Ohio); bachelor of science in marketing and professional sales, University of Toledo. Currently taking classes for  a master’s degree.  Favorite book:  212 The Extra Degre e by S.L. Parker and Mac Anderson  Favorite movies:  Goonies, Troy and Wedding Crashers Favorite restaurant: Mr. John’s Steakhouse  Favorite food:  My mom’s bak ed macaroni and cheese  Favorite music:  Hip-hop and R&B Favorite vacation spot: I don’t have one yet, but I’m going   to Hawaii in a couple weeks. That could be my favorite spot after that! Hobby: I like to play basketball. I am addicted to shoes, so I like to shoe shop – my favorite brand is Nike.