There are times when it’s challenging to write about design and lifestyle. After yet another senseless school shooting, during a pandemic and after a weekend of protests and civil unrest are a few things that come to mind. So today, I’m sharing self-care resources for anyone who might need them, which is pretty much all of us at this point. This is a roundup of three, black-owned, New Orleans wellness businesses that may already be on your radar, but if not, now they will and you can follow, listen, learn and support them, while at the same time setting aside some you time to strengthen, heal and grow. You’ll note that these recommendations are heavy on yoga, because that’s my movement of choice. (So much, so that I’m deepening my own decades-long practice by training to get certified to teach it.) Yoga is an incredible way to strengthen, heal and grow and it really is for everyone. That said, there’s some non-yoga in here too.


Magnolia Studio describes itself as “a community-based space — we practice and strengthen the mind-body connection [with] yoga and meditation. Classes are held at their studio and throughout the city. Check Magnolia’s Instagram page for the latest and the Magnolia website to view the schedule and book classes.

Magnolia Yoga

Footprints to Fitness defines its mission as “to help others live a fun and balanced life, while staying true to our New Orleans culture. We love to eat, drink and dance to the beat of our own brass band.” A variety of affordable and free yoga, Zumba and Cardio Blast classes are held online and throughout the city, so check the schedule on the Footprints to Fitness website and follow on Instagram to find one that sounds like your kind of workout.

Footprints To Fitness

Equip Fit is for those who want something a bit more hardcore, as evidenced by class names like “Rise and Grind,” “Full Body Impact” and “Olympic Lifts.” (The website says they do have yoga coming soon though, so keep an eye out.) Classes are held at the gym on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, but also off site, such as the upcoming “Beach Workout” at Coconut Beach in Kenner. Follow on Instagram for health and fitness tips and inspiration.

Equip Fit


Hang in there, stay safe and healthy and take care of yourselves, New Orleans. We have to look and feel good for when we can once again gather, celebrate and dance together in the streets.