Bars are a necessity at weddings – and we are not exclusively talking about the kind that serves alcohol. Specialty bars have become all the rage when it comes to a reception. Couples have been adding breakfast bars, a make your own mashed potato bar, an oyster bar and even a dessert bar to their wedding festivities.

At a recent wedding we attended, it became clear that anything could be turned into a “make your own” or “bar.” This wedding called on the help of Cigar Factory New Orleans to create their very own cigar bar.

Two gentlemen sat at a table in the courtyard of the reception and rolled cigars for all of the guests in attendance.

When we spoke with Cigar Factory, we found out that each event they attend they provide a master cigar roller, to demonstrate how to roll the cigars, as well as a production assistant to explain the process to all the guests while cutting and lighting the cigars for them. The entire set up fit perfectly into this indoor/outdoor wedding reception at Metairie Country Club.

Cigar Factory currently has two show packages that last from 2 to 4 hours – however they assure accommodations can be made for smaller groups and budgets.

“As the only licensed hand-roller cigar manufacturer in the state of Louisiana,”

the Cigar Factory states in its promotional materials. “We are proud to be part of a long tradition of cigar making, dating back to the 1800s in New Orleans.”



Cigar Factory New Orleans, 415 Decatur St., 504-568-1003,