The latest trends in fitness and wellness consume the minds of many. Which new fad to follow or how to find the perfect cleanse has become all the rage in mainstream society – much to the liking of fitness and healthy lifestyle business owners.

Recently, it’s been less about the typical gym workout – lifting weights, running on a treadmill – and more about the entertainment value. Zumba, Jazzercise … these classes are meant for the fitness junkie looking for that extra something special in their workout.

Barre3 could be that something special. This workout doesn’t mess around. It strengthens your muscles and core while combining movements and workouts from yoga, Pilates and ballet. Kedi, member of the Uptown team, says barre3 is great because “It involves small movements that strengthen your body without the bulk.” For that exact reason, this workout is great for anyone looking to get fit before a major event or just an all around lifestyle change.

My experience at the New Orleans barre3 included a caring and accommodating staff that wants you to succeed. No experience is required. Classes for beginners and childcare are offered at specific times.

Instructor and owner Kendall Carriere was aware of the physical limitations of everyone in the room and made sure to check in and personalize workouts for those individuals. It really is a full body workout: first legs, then arms, then behind, then abs – but you’re always working your core through every small movement and drops of sweat, leaving you energized immediately after and healthily sore the day after that.

For more information on how workouts are specifically designed, visit the national website,

I attended a class at the Uptown barre3 at 5235 Magazine St., but a second location just opened at 611 O’Keefe Ave., in the South Market District.