A student of the guitar since his very early years, Charles Moore has arrived at master status. His pretty Classical Guitar, Vol. 1 is his latest contribution in a lifetime of musical accomplishments. The 2009 New Orleans Magazine Jazz All-Star treats his listeners to lots of Bach and Francisco Tarrega, with staples such as “Spanish Romance” and “Greensleeves.” The product is a dreamy album perfect for starting the day. The album is available for purchase at www.cdsmoore.com.

Fiction l 13 1/2 is a gorified thriller that will tease and please lovers of the genre; like a matured campfire ghost story, it’s not for the faint of heart or stomach. Jumping between chilly Minnesota in the late 1960s and steamy New Orleans two years ago, characters of Nevada Barr’s novel dramatically tell a tale of horror centered on the domestic killing spree of “Butcher Boy” and his axe. New Orleans is the setting of the grand finale and lends some local interest to the novel with its mentions of Jackson Square, City Park, Bluebird Café and more. Yes, the twists are as predictable as the ghost story psycho’s hook found on the handle of the car door, but the book is good for an October scare.

Children’s l Little ones opposed to sitting still for story time will be happy to warm the bench when introduced to the action-packed antics of football’s favorite family, the Mannings, in Family Huddle by Peyton, Eli and Archie. The book teaches the importance of family teamwork alongside football plays, such as the Buttonhook. In addition to the publishing of their book, the two brothers will stand as Ambassadors of Reading in Scholastic Book Clubs’ ClassroomsCare where kids help kids by reading. As classrooms reach the 100th book mark, Scholastic will provide up to one million books to those in need.

History l Up From the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans Music Since World War II is available in a New Edition updated with developments in New Orleans and its music since the first edition in 1986. The writing of the three authors – New Orleans Magazine Music columnist Jason Berry, Jonathan Fosse and the late Tad Jones – is informative, interesting and passionate. It is both a textbook of New Orleans history and a colorful collection of stories of very colorful artists such as Fats Domino, Lil Wayne and a billion others. Photos throughout add to this tome that makes one fall in love with The Big Easy all over again.

– Alisha Murphy