Soulster Mark Broussard’s newest release, Keep Coming Back, is an effort by Broussard and his retinue to capture the zesty lagniappe that uniquely comes with a live performance. His effort produced a solid album, featuring jams by musicians such as Tim Akers (keyboard) and Gary Burnette (guitar). Two tracks are duets: “Why Should She Wait,” which under-emphasizes talented Sara Bareilles; and “When It’s Good,” with the über-successful LeAnn Rimes. Currently, Broussard is off touring the U.S. but don’t worry; he won’t be gone for long.  
Photography l The Solace of Nature: A Photographer’s Journey is a bound gallery of stunning nature shots by Louisiana photographer Julia Sims, with text by John R. Kemp. Sims’ collection spans more than 20 years of nature observation, with images from global locales including Alaska, Oregon, Montana, British Columbia and Kenya. Sims devotes an entire section of the book to photos of the great state of Louisiana. Proof she’s good – her photos make baby pelicans look cute.
Cookbook l In New Orleans Home Cooking, food journalist (and New Orleans Magazine food editor) Dale Curry describes the goal of her writing as such: “To teach young people the wonders of Creole cooking, show them how to do it and help save one of the world’s greatest cuisines from the abyss of lost recipes.” 
In accordance with that goal, Curry’s book includes recipes for locally historic dishes such as Chicken and Andouille Gumbo, Oyster Dressing, Southern-style Greens, Barbecued Shrimp and Louisiana’s favorite jellied meat, Creole Daube.
Biography l John W. Scott’s biography, Natalie Scott: A Magnificent Life, tells the story of his great-aunt, a turn-of-the-century female who garnered fame for her boldness, independence and humanitarian tenacity. Natalie Scott, a Tulane alumna, worked to raise funds for Newcomb College, wrote extensively and with great success, traveled with the Red Cross to fronts during World War I and World War II (winning the French Croix de Guerre for her bravery) and even rode horseback through Mexico, settling finally in one village to found a pension for artists and writers. Scott’s story is certainly a worthwhile read for those in need of a female role model. –Leigh Ann Stuart
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