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Putumayo World Music, founded by New Orleanian Dan Storper, is now a worldwide effort to embrace all musical stylings and cultures. The organization features artists from throughout the world. Its latest release is World Christmas Party, a compilation of Latin, African, reggae and ska interpretations of Christmas classics. Putumayo has been making waves in New Orleans as of late, hosting the inaugural Putumayo Family Festival on Sept. 26 at the Audubon Zoo, where children’s CDs such as Putumayo Kids’ Rock & Roll Playground, Caribbean Playground and Jazz Playground, and the artists behind the albums, were available.

Humorous Fiction l New Orleans Magazine’s own Modine Gunch, with the help of Liz Scott Monaghan, brings yet another chapter of her many adventures with Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season. This hilarious compendium of Hurricane Katrina anecdotes includes such gems as: “If I had known Katrina was going to demolish my house, I wouldn’t have spent the whole day cleaning. Life is like that sometimes.” The book includes an introduction by our very own editor Errol Laborde, as well as many unexpected acknowledgements; Modine makes sure to thank the Chlorox bleach company, “whoever manufactures Odor-Eaters,” raccoon repellent and Sandra Bullock. Modine’s other works include Never Heave Your Bosom in a Front-Hook Bra and Never Sleep With a Fat Man in July.

Memoir l Longtime New Orleans radio personality and trade executive Bob Carr provides heartfelt and keen insight in a life in New Orleans with Raising our Children on Bourbon: A French Quarter Love Affair with illustrations by Rolland Golden. The memoir chronicles Carr’s career and family with his wife, Jan, and how New Orleans as the backdrop makes it all the more interesting, challenging and worthwhile. The couple now has four children and seven grandchildren.

Cookbook l Harrah’s Entertainment has combined two Louisiana passions – cooking and gambling – into one holiday gift. The Seven Stars Cookbook includes more than 125 recipes from casino restaurants, including contributions by John Besh (Besh Steak Oysters Casino and the Absinthe Sazerac), Paul Prudhomme (Bronzed Fish with Jalapeno Tartar Sauce from K-Paul’s) and Harrah’s New Orleans (New Orleans Gumbo). The cookbook also features recipes from Harrah’s locations across the country as well as an introduction by Paula Deen. Any dish from this collection is sure to bring a “full house.”


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