Breck Robinson and Sean Meeks said, “I do,” at the Algiers Courthouse on April 22, 2021. Not only did the sweet ceremony represent the change in weddings due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has plagued the world since early 2020, but it also was a touching tribute that pulled at the heartstrings of your “Let Them Eat Cake” writers.

When talking about her courthouse wedding, Robinson noted, “Being engaged through COVID-19 presented many stressful obstacles we wanted to try our best to avoid. And I am actually forever thankful for the climate making us slow down and recognize what is truly important and special to us. We realized we don’t need a big venue with hundreds of people to get married.”

The most touching element of the wedding day was the way Robinson honored her grandparents who helped raise her. The Algiers Courthouse was the backdrop 50 years ago when her grandparents said, “I do.” The high school sweethearts were from different backgrounds – her grandmother, a published author and mother of two, being “raised with a silver spoon,” while her grandfather, a colonel in the Marine Corps, grew up the son of a poor merchant marine – and their parents did not approve of the match. Not wanting to deal with disapproval, money or the politics of it all, her grandparents decided the Algiers Courthouse was the perfect location.

In November of 2019, her grandparents renewed their vows once again in front of the courthouse. “I have never seen a love and commitment like theirs still to this day,” Robinson said. “That old-fashioned, simple, easy love that truly lasts a lifetime.”

Robinson’s grandmother passed away in April 2020 from cancer she had been battling most of her life. When deciding how to celebrate their marriage, Robinson and her now husband wanted to keep it simple and represent the true meaning of their commitment, just like her grandparents did so long ago.

“The courthouse on our wedding day was simple and absolutely special,” she said. “Having my widowed grandfather come back a little over a year later to celebrate our new marriage and be our witness was one of the most special parts of that day. We had nine immediate family members there to enjoy and even a few best friends surprise us by watching from the levee as they ‘just could not miss it.’ It all turned out to be more perfect than we could have ever imagined.”

After the courthouse festivities, the Meeks said goodbye to their friends and family and took the $2 ferry ride from Algiers Point back to Downtown New Orleans. They stayed at the Hotel Monteleone for the weekend, eating, drinking and celebrating with each other and strangers alike.



















Photographer: VisualSociety (Kelsey Coste)

Flowers: MerryFloral (Mary Johnston)

Dress: Wedding Belles (Sophia Perlander)
3632 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

Hair & Makeup: The Parlour (Nicole Klein)
5243 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 518-5640