Recommended Reads, Videos, Resources | Week of April 13

The Easter Bunny has come and gone, leaving us all to a candy-coma start for Monday. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite reads, resources and laugh factories to help you get through it—today, this week and beyond.

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Don’t Be Discouraged. Here’s How To Help During Coronavirus

By Ari Shapiro | NPR

Living in the new normal of the coronavirus pandemic can be a constant source of anxiety, but it’s also created new opportunities for community and charitable giving. Even as millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the past few weeks, nonprofits are seeing a huge wave of interest in giving back. It’s easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed when so many people are struggling in all different ways. But there are ways to help, financially and otherwise.

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By Jen A. Miller | The New York Times

It’ll help you organize your thoughts during these difficult times, and may help educate future generations.

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‘There’s A Huge Disparity’: What Teaching Looks Like During Coronavirus

By Cory Turner, Diane Adame, Elissa Nadworny | NPR

They thought they’d have more time, teachers say. Many couldn’t even say goodbye.

“Everything happened so quickly,” remembers Hannah Klumpe, who teaches seventh grade social studies in Greenville, S.C. “Friday I was at school, talking to my students, and they’re like, ‘Do you think they’re going to close school?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, not right now!'”

That weekend, South Carolina’s governor announced the state’s schools would close immediately, including Klumpe’s Berea Middle School, and she hasn’t seen her students in-person since. Her story is not uncommon.

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Tear It Up and Start Again

By Harry Guinness | The New York Times

I’m a big fan of awful first drafts. All of my writing (even this article) starts with an incriminatingly bad first draft, riddled with typos and clichés, grammatical errors and half-finished sentences. No one else sees those drafts. I tear up that awful first draft and start again — and that’s when things start to click. That’s when sentences start to flow coherently, when ideas and themes make sense, and when the real work gets done.


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Alison Roman

Author of cookbooks Nothing Fancy and Dining In, Roman’s recipes and cooking style were helpful and delicious before social distancing, and downright necessary now. She shares photos and recipes on her Instagram, which serves as a neat tutorial for home chefs new and experienced.

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How to Knit a Scarf

Sheep & Stitch

We’re all confronting some idle moments, even if we’re working from home—crafting of all kinds is having a Renaissance, and there’s something comforting about knitting. This tutorial from Sheep & Stitch allows you to get a real feel around your knitting needles…and leaves you with a pretty great scarf at the end.

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Activities and resources for home-bound kids


Keep the kid—whether your own real child or your inner child—entertained with an endless variety of science tutorials, instructionals and adventures, from exploring the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to building your own butterfly garden. Go on guided virtual tours or learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics, or even get in storytime with an astronaut.


1. Frida is innocent! She was framed!

2. Right now is a great time to get into art appreciation.

3. There are two kinds of people in this world—

4. It’s only April, how bad could it be—

5. The stunning finale follow-up to our previous sports feature. A must-see for fans of sports and good boys alike.

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