Monday’s here again; we can’t stop it, so we might as well roll with it. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite reads, resources and laugh factories to help you get through it—today, this week and beyond.

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00sl Virus Conflict Jumbo
Amélie Fontaine

Anna Goldfarb | New York Times

With most of the country under lockdown, many of us are suddenly spending our entire day with the people we live with — meaning tensions can be running hotter than normal. While a small transgression, like an interruption during a work call, may not be a big deal on its own, in the pressure cooker of lockdown it can go from a minor annoyance to the source of real strife. And if social media posts are any indication, jigsaw puzzles are the new Ikea furniture: the truest test of a couple’s stress levels.

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The science of making bread

Maddie Sofia | NPR

Social distancing has some of us taking up bread baking for the first time, including host Maddie Sofia. Chemist and baker Patricia Christie explains the science of making bread, including a few tips for when things go wrong with your bread dough. And she offers some advice for first-time bakers everywhere.

NB: This is recommended listening rather than recommended reading.

Overhead Shot Of Woman Working On Laptop

All the Ways I Failed at Self-Improvement

Molly Young | The Cut

First there were memes about ways to stay productive during a quarantine (do YouTube yoga, bake, organize your closet). Then came a wave of memes defiantly rejecting the idea of productivity; memes that said it was okay not to do YouTube yoga or bake. But where in this nuanced dialectic are the memes for people who try their best to be productive and are remarkably unsuccessful?

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Janice Chang for NPR

School Counselors Have A Message For Kids: ‘It’s OK To Not Be OK’

Cory Turner | NPR

The high school senior sitting across from Franciene Sabens was in tears over the abrupt amputation of her social life and turmoil at home. Because of the coronavirus, there will be no prom, no traditional send-off or ceremony for the graduates of Carbondale Community High School in Carbondale, Ill. And Sabens, one of the school’s counselors, could not give the girl the one thing Sabens’ gut told her the teen needed most.

“I want to hug them all, but I really wanted to hug that one,” Sabens remembers.

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Sam Island for Buzzfeed

If You’re Running During Quarantine And Wondering How To Stay Safe And Healthy, These Tips Might Help

Brianna Sacks | Buzzfeed

I put together some tips for running in the time of quarantine to ensure you are safe, respect other people around you, and try and feel a little more at ease. And although I am far from an expert, I have learned a lot about perseverance, endurance, and listening to your body, through injuries, tears, race wins, many sufferfests, ultra-running adventures, coaches, and friends.

Gear Hair Cut 85269073

How to Cut Your Hair at Home

Louryn Stramp | Wired

So, your hair is getting long and all of the salons are closed because of a global pandemic. It may be time to cut your own hair at home. Stylists will advise you to avoid getting too overzealous with your scissors, but sometimes you’re left with no choice. Cutting your hair is more complicated than it looks and this guide is not a one-size-fits-all, but it should help you at least figure out the basics on where to start.

Coronavirus Misinformation Comic 1 Sq 6bd48a96a35c99841580f74d97030012c408a631 S1100 C85

Comic: Fake News Can Be Deadly. Here’s How To Spot It.

Connie Hanzhang Jin, Miles Parks | NPR

Health officials right now aren’t just having to battle an illness with no known cure or vaccine. They’re having to fight back against Internet trolls and conspiracy theorists. The World Health Organization has labeled the current moment an “infodemic.”

Rosner Helpme
Joana Avillez

Helen, Help Me: How Will I Know When It’s Time to Eat the Emergency Beans?

Helen Rosner | The New Yorker

While cooking in quarantine, learn how to embrace canned sardines and anchovies, how to expand your spice horizons, and when to start raiding the freezer.


1. Is there anything funnier than seeing a weenie dog running?

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3. Not the COVID news you were looking for—but the corvid news you need.

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