The past few weeks has sent the world into a whirl of insecurity and anxiety of the unknown. The COVID-19 virus has everyone wondering what’s next? How do we prepare? And where in the world did all the toilet paper go?

Last week, LTEC editor Melanie Spencer wrote her Wediquette Wednesday about what to do if you need to cancel your wedding because of the coronavirus. Read that article here.

But this week, we wanted to focus on something more positive. Due to the social distancing mandates, you are spending a lot of time indoors over the next few weeks or even months and we want to help. We, of course, will be writing our blogs as normal and will include ways to navigate the situation when you have a wedding on the books (How about a Facebook live wedding?), but we also wanted to help now in some way.

Today, we are recommending the best wedding-related movies to watch while you’re under quarantine or just stuck at home with your family for days.


Kelly here: My biggest addition to this list is the “Sound of Music.” I’m sure you think to yourself, that’s about Nazis not about weddings. But, there is definitely one of the most gorgeous wedding scenes in which Julie Andrews walks down the aisle of the convent she almost became a nun in while the nuns that she loves sing “Maria” and the Captain is waiting for her at the end of the aisle. I may or may not cry each time I watch it.



This one is a no-brainer. It’s hilarious, has a love interest and they live happily ever after, what more could you ask for?


“The Wedding Planner”

It’s a classic. Is there really anything better than J.Lo and Matthew McConaughey

slow dancing in a park or him saving her from a rogue garbage can when her shoe got stuck? Let’s not forget the one-and-only (“Grey’s Anatomy”) Dr. Kurev being her Massimo.


“Father of the Bride”

This movie has Steve Martin, Martin Short, B.D. Wong (Dr. Wong from “Law and Order: SVU”) and Diane Keaton. We aren’sure it gets any better. There also is an original 1950s version with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. Either way you can’t go wrong — watch both!


“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

We’re not sure how someone could possible not have seen this movie. “It’s all Greek to me.” “You don’t eat no meat? That’s OK. I make you lamb.” The quotes alone are endless. Nia Vardalos is a genius and really delivers her experience with Greek culture to the viewer. It doesn’t hurt that John Corbett is a true movie hunk.


Additional movies we suggest:

“Bride Wars”

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”

“Mamma Mia”

“The Proposal”

“Made of Honor”

“The Wedding Date”

“Runaway Bride”

“Sweet Home Alabama”

“Steel Magnolias”

“Monster In Law”


Less than PG rated:

“Wedding Crashers”

“Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”

“American (Pie) Wedding”

“The Wedding Singer”


What are your favorite wedding movies? Share in comments.