A new type of couple’s shower has emerged in recent years. Many bridal parties or families of the couple are throwing “stock the bar” couple's showers and engagement parties. We can’t prove this trend was born in New Orleans, but it seems likely to us. These parties are a great way to bring everyone together in a fun and festive environment, while supplying the couple with copious amounts of wine and spirits and the essential accouterments to mix up a lifetime of celebratory beverages with which to toast. If you have recently been inundated with a ton of bar party invites and want to change up your gifting regimen, try thinking of other items a bar would need. 

Handbag and clothing design mogul Kate Spade has moved effortlessly into home and kitchen decor. As a part of her bar and stemware, she has an adorable “Yours,” “Mine” and “Ours” glass set and matching decanter perfect for any newly engaged couple. The glasses are available in old-fashioned glasses or highball style glasses with the decanter sold separately. This set is a great addition to any newlywed home – a lovely accent to spruce up the bar and a picturesque addition to a date night nightcap between the married pair. 


You can find this Kate Spade set at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Macy’s in Metairie. 


Registry Report: Kate Spade barware for toasting happily ever after Registry Report: Kate Spade barware for toasting happily ever after