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Required Halloween Viewing


It used to just be my peers that I’d horrify with movies I hadn’t seen.

“You haven’t seen Casablanca?” my husband yelled at me once, and then immediately made me stop everything to watch it.

“What?! How have you not seen ANYYYY of the Star Wars movies?” asked pretty much all of my high school friends while I shrugged.

Occasionally, my parents or friends would realize I hadn’t watched a classic movie – The Princess Bride, The Exorcist, Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing –  and make me watch it, but I still haven’t seen Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Jaws, Alien, really any Hitchcock at all.

Now, though, my daughters are immersed enough in pop culture to join in the mockery.

“Mom,” Ruby said flatly the other day. “There is no possible way you’ve never seen Airplane!”

“Mom,” Georgia said, agitated, “how have you not seen Toy Story?!”

With Labor Day now behind us and the pandemic stretching bleakly ahead, I have officially declared it Halloween movie season and have put Ruby in charge of determining what we as a family need to watch.


Her reviews are below:

ET – Not super-Halloweenish but fun to watch

Ghostbusters – Great overall movie but not scary. I really enjoy the one with all girls.

Beetlejuice -A timeless classic.

Coraline – Great for little kids, but not that scary.

Hocus Pocus – Another classic. I watched this last night with my little sister.

Nightmare Before Christmas – A great movie that is perfect for both Christmas and Halloween.

Edward Scissorhands – Beautifully creepy, ideal Halloween aesthetic, not that scary

Goosebumps – IDK, low-key kind of sucks but perfect for a sleepover for little kiddos*

Clue – Attention-grabber but also not scary.

The Shining -Not allowed to watch this one, but I have been to the hotel where it was set

Gremlins – Doesn’t give Halloween vibes but is a great movie, although the special effects don’t hold up

Corpse Bride – Another little kid movie that is perfect for sleepovers

Addams Family – I fell asleep while watching this one, no cap


*IDK if this is good for all sleepovers, but I watched it at a sleepover


Please share your must-see Halloween flicks in the comments. Stay spooky, and stay safe!




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