Erin Jacobs


Abode is a local, family-owned business with strong roots in New Orleans. It’s a boutique-style home furnishing and accessories store offering sophisticated and unique home furnishings, lighting, artwork, linens, rugs, accessories and gifts. Besides carrying a wide variety of well-known lines, they also support local artists and their work. They also provide free design services, and if you cannot find exactly what you had in mind on their showroom floor, they can special order it. Many of the shop’s furniture selections can be custom-ordered in the fabric and finish of your choice. Owner Erin Jacobs uses four key elements to help her clients reach their interior design goals: function, comfort, style and budget.

How would you describe the “perfect” piece of furniture?
For me, the perfect piece of furniture provides a solution, suits the room – both in terms of scale and design – and makes you happy every time you see it!

What current trend excites you?
The trend I see a lot of right now is clients not knowing exactly how to describe their style. They might use 10 different words to describe “their look” to me. This is exciting to me because it often means they want a blend of styles, not a “cookie cutter” design. They want to create their own style that works for their space. I really enjoy working with clients throughout this process.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! Sometimes from the more obvious sources like photos, magazines and travel, but often from the less obvious, simple things, like a walk outside or a piece of jewelry.

How would you summarize your design philosophy?
My design philosophy is, ask the right questions: “How do I want my space to look, function and feel?” Answering these questions helps to ensure that designs plans cover not just needs and not just desires but both.

Abode | 2114 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie | 266-2135