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Retailer Spotlight: [George S. Hewitt]

G.S Hewitt LLC, owned by George Hewitt and Sue St. Amant, takes care of bathroom and kitchen design from start to finish. “Our business loves to make things beautiful, and we’re always on the lookout for the newest and best items,” says Hewitt. “We are always researching the latest technology to give our clients the state-of-the-art in all aspects of the job.”

What do you specialize in?

Designing bathrooms and kitchens, from initial design concepts through final execution, if desired.  The LLC is willing to provide however much involvement the client is comfortable with.

What sort of clientele do you reach?
Our clients have reached a point in their lives where the quality of the workmanship and customer service is of most importance.

What are some current trends in your business that you’ve noticed?
Free-standing tubs, separate walk-in showers, heated bathroom floors, humidity-controlled bathroom ventilation, chandeliers in bathrooms, smaller but more functioning kitchens, mold-resistant sheetrock, and the use of anti-fraction membrane/waterproofing for showers and baths.
How is your store different or better than a competitor?
A thorough knowledge of both design principles and materials allows us to design your room in a way that utilizes the space to its maximum potential. Quality and customer service are the goals we are continuously striving for. George will draw to scale plans and provide a watercolor rendering of the design. 

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