Owned by Timmy Perkins, Perk Builders Inc. was established in 1987. Carmen Willis, a secretary for the company, says its mission is to build quality homes at the best possible pricing, using the best possible materials. Gathering supplies locally, the company seeks to combine superior service and quality products as they build their clients’ custom homes. Perk Builders works on residential and commercial projects, whether it’s a remodeling job or entirely new construction. Willis and Perkins agree that their experiences over the years have helped make Perk Builders a leader in the field of custom building. “They work closely with you from beginning to end to ensure that every aspect of your vision is met, every desire considered and every need addressed,” the company writes on its Web site. “Perk Builders has succeeded in finding the formula to ensure the success of every custom home they build. Right from the start, by combining superior service, quality products, materials and workmanship, dynamic style and design and a feeling of comfort throughout the entire process, they have established themselves as a leader in the custom home industry. They confidently say with the history of success, knowledge, expertise and experience to support it: ‘Let us make all your dreams come true.’”

What’s the first thing you discuss with a client?
We discuss what their needs are and what the objectives are that they would like to see when their homes are complete.

What is one thing that sets you apart from other custom home builders?
We strive to have a good relationship with our clients, and we like for them to enjoy the process of building their new home with us.

How has your business evolved or changed over the years?
We’ve grown to take on a higher volume of work than ever before, and we’ve obtained higher-quality subcontractors over the years. F