Rob Dunn, president and CEO of Bayou Closets, says his business prides itself on superior design. “It’s important for a lady to know just how many pairs of shoes she can store in her closet,” he says. “To make the experience better for our customers, every one of our quotes is accompanied by a full three-dimensional rendering of the space to be organized, fully labeled, so there’s no question in our customer’s mind as to what will be stored where.”

What do you specialize in?
Custom closets of all sizes, from the very small to the fabulously large; home offices; pantries; garages; entertainment centers; and laundry rooms. Our specialty is the efficient maximization of your available storage space. We like to call them “storage solutions.” Why should you tear out a wall or add a room when you are not making the best use of the space you already have?

What sort of clientele do you reach?
Though most of our customers are upper-middle-class (and above) female homeowners, we’ve learned over the years that you never prejudge a customer. Everyone needs to maximize the storage space for their stuff –– whether they own a mansion on St. Charles Avenue or a shotgun single in the Ninth Ward. Two of our best-known clients are [New Orleans Hornet] Chris Paul and [New Orleans Saint] Charles Grant!

What are your goals in the business?
To maximize our customers’ storage space while minimizing the cost –– all the while providing an excellent level of customer satisfaction!

What are some current trends?
Particularly since Hurricane Katrina, customers are increasingly demanding drawer storage in their closets, eliminating the need for bedroom dressers and freeing up square footage in their bedrooms. Also, many empty nesters are taking over the former bedrooms of their grown children and converting them to excellent master closets.