Typical new year resolutions include eating less, working out more and so on. But do people really stick to their resolutions all year? This year I’ve decided I’m going to try my absolute best to keep them. So I’ve decided to make resolutions that have the same nostalgia, but aren’t quite normal yearly promises. I hope my list will spark your 2017 goals.

Heading back to Jazzercise
Physical activity is always a priority for those with certain disabilities. Jazzercise is something that, for me, is set at an intensity level I choose and is also entertaining. It isn’t something that requires you to overdo it or go beyond your comfort level and is great for people with physical limitations like myself.

Cooking more Mediterranean-style foods
I have written before about how great Mediterranean-style foods are for inflammation. Too much inflammation can be an issue for everyone, but Mediterranean food is full of anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, hummus, onions, olive oil and countless more. Plus, on top of being healthy, it’s extremely tasty – even better.

Tackling more on my “bucket list”
When it comes to taking care of your person, adding activities that make you happy will make you mentally and emotionally up to par, and add to physical wellbeing. To name a few: I plan to get another tattoo, try skydiving again and take as many trips around the country as monetarily possible. Sky is the limit, literally.

Add in yoga and meditation
Going along with keeping your mind, body and soul in balance, I would like to continue to broaden my yoga and meditation horizons. The great thing about these practices is that there are many different ways to change things up. You can never get bored, and that’s extremely important.

I am hoping by changing it up and adding a list of attainable and fun goals, I’ll be able to check “New Year’s resolutions” off my 2017 list and start ’18 with extra celebration. Cheers to the new year and new resolutions.