This month, we are breaking down the 4 Cs of the diamond world: clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. Click here to read about clarity, here to read about color and here for the one on cut (or shape). For today’s final entry, we’ll tackle carat weight. 

The carat weight is the numerical indicator of the weight of the diamond. Jewelers commonly describe carats in 1Ž4 increments and the price increases rapidly with the weight or carat of the diamond. For those with more mathematical ways of thinking, 1 carat is equal to about .20 grams.

If cut, color and clarity are all equal, a diamonds value will increase as the carat weight increases. Bigger diamonds are more desirable and rare to find. The value of a diamond, however, is not decided by the size or weight alone. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight all go into deciding the value of a diamond. 


Ring Thing, Part 4
GIA size chart used to determine a diamonds carat. Have the access to GIA right at your fingertips with the GIA 4 C's app