Ringing It In, Quietly

The introvert’s guide to New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is right up there with Valentine’s Day in terms of being overhyped and loaded with false significance and forced romance. I don’t hate them, but I try not to imbue either of them with much meaning. I expect my husband and I will kiss at midnight, and we’ll probably do something nice for each other on Feb. 14, too, but what really makes me happy, what I find truly romantic, is when he makes me soup when I’m sick.

Which I have been for about a solid week now: head full of snot, ears constantly popping, hacking cough, the whole thing.

So, when you combine my general disdain for New Year’s Eve, my lingering chest cold, my typical reluctance to put on real clothes at this time of year unless it’s absolutely necessary, and the existence of our children, we do not have any big plans for tonight.

For those who do want to celebrate with children in tow, both Audubon Zoo and the Children’s Museum are doing their traditional kid-friendly events: Zoo Year’s Eve and Noon Year’s Eve, respectively, both of which feature countdowns to the new year at noon instead of midnight, along with a variety of other fun activities.

Georgia, though, is even more of an introvert than I am – and also even more averse to wearing non-pajama-based clothing if she doesn’t have to – and so our family plans are thus:

  • Eat pizza
  • In sweatpants/PJs
  • While watching Netflix
  • Potentially baking some cookies
  • And, if over 21, drinking some champagne

If you’re planning to get all glammed up and go out on the town, have fun, be safe, and don’t drink and drive.

If you’re staying in, I recommend “Glow”; “The Good Place”; and – if, and I cannot stress this strongly enough ONLY IF, you’re a true crime fanatic with a strong stomach – “Don’t F**k With Cats” on Netflix.

Meanwhile, I’m just quietly waiting over here until I can celebrate a holiday I am excited about: Twelfth Night, the official start of Carnival season!


Happy New Year, everyone, and happy Almost Mardi Gras!





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