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Robert Logan V

Student Activist

The world’s youth is the world’s future, and older generations can smile – and relax a little – when those young men and women look to the future with a sense of purpose.

Robert Logan V is a 17-year-old senior – and 12-year veteran – at Lusher Charter School. He has served as president and secretary of the Student Council, as one might expect of a young achiever – but he has also been a Boy Scout for six years; a photographer for the student newspaper, The Lusher Post Diluvian; and serves as a lector at his church.

But what he’s most proud of is his participation in the Urban Farming Club. “At first I got involved in gardening while I was taking an Urban Farming science class last year,” he says, “and unexpectedly, I began to love it. Now I really love gardening, and I’ve found something that I plan to continue for years.”

With cooperation from Parkway Partners and local farmers, the Urban Farming Club at Lusher has created an urban farm right on the school grounds. While the garden is not large-scale enough to produce enough food to feed a large community, it serves to teach Logan and his classmates the ins and outs of urban farming. “Hopefully,” says Logan, “I will be able to use this knowledge later in life.”

In terms of community involvement in general, Logan is surprisingly pragmatic. “In order for any community of people to thrive,” he muses, “its members must be actively engaged and invested in its well-being.”

Besides being an aspiring urban farmer, Logan has also been chosen as the Leaders of Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur of the Year and as a Bezos Scholar by the Bezos Family Foundation. In terms of his own future, he plans on majoring in biology and continuing on to cultivate new and improved urban and community gardens.

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