I will not recommend fare from a food truck for your Christmas dinner but it seems like a great idea for New Year’s Eve. With options from Thai to tacos, Southern comfort fare, and burgers to sushi, there is no shortage of delectable grub rolling through the streets of Acadiana.

Though generally regarded as an accomplished cook, I admit to having grabbed vittles from a rolling grub hub, tossed them into chafing dishes, then proudly declared their provenance to my guests. While I have yet to partake of the ultimate in entertaining ease, it is on my list to employ a food truck to feed my guests, curbside, for a private party. On many an occasion as I have torn around my house, a sweaty mess, setting the table while simultaneously roasting a tenderloin, thickening a bisque and putting on mascara in a stained apron as the doorbell rings with the arrival of the first guests, I have fantasized about having a festive truck pull up and feed my amused guests on disposable serveware. My long-suffering husband, surely tired of my frazzled antics and shouts to “Get the door!” as I scramble into the shower, would surely concur.

Most of these mobile temples of gastronomy operate via Facebook and Twitter so hit them up online, as many do not even bother with telephone numbers, much less physical addresses.


Rolling In Diversity

Blanchard’s Pulled Pork Sandwich with Slaw and Brisket Poutine (Fresh Cut Fries, Brisket Gravy, Brisket, and Queso Fresco)



Look out for over-stuffed pulled pork sandwiches heaped with crispy bits and creamy slaw; brisket poutine with hand-cut fries smothered in gravy then topped with brisket and queso fresco; and grilled pimento cheese sandwiches with bacon jam.
@blanchardsbbq, 337-322-1674

This is your one stop shop for Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino and Indian food pouring out of the mobile kitchen. Recent offerings have included puffy steamed buns stuffed with Korean barbecue beef, salmon fried rice, Thai cashew nut chicken, wonton soup and spicy ramen soups, creamy crab rangoon and teriyaki chicken.
@Hi_Licious, 337-292-6624

Screamingly fresh sushi made to order on the spot. Other offerings include Korean tacos, kimchi fries and a cool and creamy crab salad.
@RiceKings, 337-944-9328

Owner Shauna St. Pierre Fuselier learned her craft at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco and she prides herself on offering five star meals on wheels. “Da Tacos” include chipotle shrimp, braised pork belly, mardi gras slaw and cucumber de gallo. The loaded pork frites pair meat slow-smoked all day with sweet potato fries.
facebook.com/DatTruck, 985-212-4721

Belly up to the converted 1957 Airstream for relatively healthy takes on street food.  Tacos are made with smoked yellowfin tuna, smoked shrimp, slow-cooked brisket, marinated chicken and fresh vegetables. Breakfast options include fresh-squeezed juices and breakfast burritos.
@tacosistersm, 337-706-5326



Rolling In Diversity

Bonus Bite

Consider sharing the gift of Acadiana’s celebrated cooking with those far away. “Acadiana Table: Cajun and Creole Cooking from the Heart of Louisiana” (Harvard Common Press) by George Graham, whose house is featured on page 22, is loaded with 125 recipes and  more than 180 lush color photographs that will leave them drooling.

The cookbook is available online via Amazon and at bookstores everywhere.