It was not the winter of their discontent at the Krewe of Libris Celebration, held Feb. 14 at the Cabildo. This literary minded group—the party benefits the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society—included event sponsors, the Louisiana State Museum and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, which helped underwrite the music for the party. The krewe chose Feb. 14, that most romantic of days, to theme the party after literary lovers. But before staged readings of love letters by famous couples such as Anton Chekov and Olga Knipper, Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir, and others, the royal court needed to be presented. Queen Mother Rosemary James and Libris Emeritus Joseph DeSalvo were joined by King Libris I and Queen Thalia I, David and Marti Speights in crowning King Libris II and Queen Thalia II, Dr. Quinn Peeper and Margarita Bergen. Their court included Michael Harold, Catherine Hill, Anne Simms Pincus, Pamela Lott and Gabriella Hernandez. Royal toasts were made, and some glasses were full of “Love Potion Number Nine,” a special concoction prepared by New Orleans Rum Co. The music also centered on love, as the George Rossi ensemble did its own rendition of “Love Potion Number Nine.” As the evening drew to a close, costumed revelers went off into the French Quarter to celebrate Carnival, and possibly find some more literary inspiration.

Romancing the ThroneQueen Thalia II Margarita Bergen and King Libris II Quinn Peeper with Queen Thalia I Marti Speights and King Libris I David Speights

Romancing the ThroneJoseph DeSalvo and Nancy Moss

Romancing the Throne Anne Simms Pincus, Hartwig Moss and Joan Algar

Romancing the ThroneCharla Spalluto, Patrick DePriest and Rosemary James