We gave a great assignment to some of the top stores in New Orleans and as always, they surpassed our expectations. Let the next pages serve as your guide to Thanksgiving tablescapes. You will get great ideas and tips for your holiday, so be sure to visit them for items you might need to create your own signature event.
Room at the Table
Caroline Robert and Jack Mayberry at perch. create a dazzling children’s table. Their advice is to create a table for the kids that’s so cool that everyone will want to sit there. The table is spread with a custom-made table skirt. Each child is given a papier-mâché bird made in Haiti and by taking some time, each child’s name is added to a handprint that the children cut out themselves. The napkin rings are adorned with feathers. Robert and Mayberry add vintage china by Royal Worcester Regency Collection and etched glasses for milk or juice. Colorful butterflies, which come in specimen boxes of eight, add to the decorative effect and Mayberry created a fabulous centerpiece with fruit and colorful flowers! The Viorel Hodre torchere lights the way for the “most fun” table at the party! perch.: 2844 Magazine St., 899-2122,www.perch-home.com  Room at the Table
At Judy they believe in keeping things simple for Thanksgiving. Use natural greenery and grasses from the garden and weave it into the faux branch centerpiece and candelabra. Metal pheasants, pottery eggplants and mini green pears from the grocery add to the decorative effect and look great on the antique wooden table. They also used tortoise shell bracelets for napkin rings, added the Clareware pottery on the wooden placemats along with Roost stemware and Murual flatware. Thanks to Kay Fausset and Bentley Graham.
Judy, A Gallery of Decorative Arts: 2727 Prytania St., 891-7018
Room at the Table
Mignon Faget believes that a great way to spend Thanksgiving is to have a big family meal early in the day and then unwind with your closest friends with light fare and cocktails in a casual setting that evening. Mignon Faget’s collection of Fleur de Lis goblets, wine glasses, wine cooler and hand towels are perfect for the late afternoon soiree. Champagne, imported beer, smoked salmon and assorted cheeses are served on the Zamia cheeseboard. Banana leaf napkin rings accent the napkins. Exotic koi fish swim around lucky bamboo in the Fleur de Lis hurricane globe! Those lucky fish will be swimming in a friend’s pond by nightfall after you and your friends enjoy a relaxing evening. Thanks to Jenny Stewart, Robert Valley, Jennifer Rowland and, of course, Mignon Faget! Mignon Faget Galleries: 3801 Magazine St., 891-2005; The Shops at Canal Place, 524-2973; Lakeside Shopping Center, 835-2244; Baton Rouge Towne Center, (225) 932-9783; and Mignon Faget by Mail, (800) 375-7557,mignonfaget.com  Room at the Table
Lindsey Leggio Cazale, ASID, owner of Bella Nola, sets up a beautiful buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends – because she believes you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and you’ll have more fun this way. If you have a limited space, why not use a piece of furniture that you already have to set up the buffet and serve the wine or champagne on a five-tiered metal stand right next to your display? She has fun using fresh fruit and vegetables and believes in using all of your best stemware, silver, copper and gold serving pieces, as well as a DeQuarte accent lamp. Leaf candle votives and crystal pear salt and pepper shakers are also added. When you use a piece of furniture to serve on you also have the background already set up – the sunburst mirror is perfect to show off the food and decorations.
Bella Nola: 4236 Magazine St., 897-9499
Room at the Table
Orient Expressed says, “color is the key and it doesn’t have to match. Pull various colors together and set a festive Thanksgiving table.” Instead of a turkey, have a filet of beef that can be served on the long oval platter accented with tiny peppers and greenery. Side dishes are served in bowls of different shapes. Fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as preserved boxwood balls are used to decorate instead of flowers. Holiday turkey votives add a great fall touch and the rustic bent wire candelabra also has clear crystals that can be changed out for a Christmas table setting. Most of all have fun at Thanksgiving – be flexible, use all of the fabulous serving pieces that you already have and think “color” for this holiday! Thanks to Vicki Moran, Cynthia Carriere,
Bee Fitzpatrick and Dabney Jacob for all of their help.
Orient Expressed: 3905 Magazine St., 899-3060,orientexpressed.com  Room at the Table
Bryan Batt and Tom Cianfichi of Hazelnut believe that you should keep it simple for Thanksgiving and definitely go casual. Use your everyday things and spice it up with seasonal decorations. People are using more of the really good silk flowers and Cianfichi used spider mums in organic wooden baskets. He added the French wire candelabra with café au lait-colored tapers, pewter acorn salt and peppers, hand painted ceramics from Hungary, olive bottles and tapas bowls on fabulous terazzo trays. The heirloom silver, etched glassware and goblets with crystals completed the table. Do not be afraid to pick up Cornish game hens, already cooked and beautifully prepared seasonal vegetables, along with side dishes and dessert to keep it really simple! Hazelnut: 5515 Magazine St., 891-2424,hazelnutneworleans.com