Summer is usually a time when I take quick weekend trips to the beach and work slows down. At least, that’s how I remember it.


This summer is chock-full of events, weekend trips to places farther afield than I usually go and exciting opportunities.


This Wednesday, for example, is New Orleans Magazine’s Top Female Achievers Luncheon. Each year we choose a group of women who are, in editor-in-chief Errol Laborde’s words, “doing good works year after year and for whom, as far as we know, the best may be yet to come.” This year’s 15 achievers, though diverse, have at least one thing in common: they’re very popular and beloved. For the first time since I’ve been at Renaissance Publishing (that’s more than seven years, eek) we have sold out. That means that when I present awards to these lovely ladies, which always makes me feel a little lacking, I’ll be doing so in front of more than 240 people!


Though the August issues of New Orleans Magazine (our largest of the year – Best Doctors!) and St. Charles Avenue magazine are both going to press shortly, I have to leave town midday Friday to fly to New York City. What would make me stress myself out getting all this done? I entered Google’s “If I Had Glass …” contest and was chosen as one of Glass’s “Explorers.” So, my husband and I are flying to NYC in time to get one of the last scheduled slots to pick up my Glass and learn how to use it, then celebrate with a late dinner and the next day treat ourselves to Alan Cumming’s Macbeth.


The next weekend, since my husband has to go to Evansville, Ill., for a weeklong conference, we’re flying up to Chicago the weekend before to see one of our all-time favorite bands, Belle & Sebastian (we walked down the aisle to one of their songs) at Pitchfork Music Festival.


There’s also my husband’s grandmother’s 95th birthday, my grandmother’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, time I need to spend catching up with friends, time to pick up another class of something good for me (dance? barre? yoga? Do y’all have any suggestions?), New Orleans Magazine’s Best Doctors and Dentists event, doctors appointments, events with my Muses float (yay Flamingos!) and then it’s September again!


Oh, and should I lack for fun things to do, there is also: Aug. 1-4: “New Orleans Antiques Forum,” benefiting The Historic New Orleans Collection Williams Research Center; Aug. 3: “Whitney White Linen Night,” benefiting the Contemporary Arts Center; Aug. 10: “YLC Role Models Awards Gala,” benefiting the Young Leadership Council; Aug. 24: “101 Donations,” benefiting NOLA City Bark; Aug. 24: 15th annual “CHAIRish the Children,” benefiting the Louisiana Children’s Museum; and Aug. 27 and 28: “The Jimmy Fundraiser @ 45,” benefiting 45 Tchoup Loves Jimmy.


And that’s just August! It's going to be a busy month, y'all.