Rum Revival

Shake up a sassy spring cocktail with a tart-sweet edge

WHEN SERVING: A single, pale green sage leaf afloat in the cocktail offers a stark color contrast and an aromatic component that finishes each sip with notes of eucalyptus and citrus.

As comedian W. C. Fields once said, “All roads lead to rum.” Even at whiskey bars.

Mixologist Dominique Dugas of The Barrel, Broussard’s hip whiskey bar, has been churning out some creative craft cocktails spirited with rum. Since opening in 2016, locals have been sampling the 120 different whiskeys and barrel-aged cocktails, a daily roster of Old Fashioned specials (try the pecan praline), specialty wines and local craft beer.

“We’re very proud and eager to share our knowledge of whiskey and other spirits with anyone who walks into our bar,” says Dugas. “And while we are known for our whiskey, I wanted to create a cocktail that would showcase the diversity of our interests and talents here at The Barrel. It’s a perfect choice for a warm spring day.”

Popular with bartenders for its versatility, rum is currently experiencing a renaissance, and 2018 could be the year when its consumption rivals whiskey. More rum-focused, tropical-themed bars are popping up, and the tiki craze (with those showy anthropomorphic vessels) is still going strong.

Perfect for a Sunday brunch, the refreshing Broussard Bracer has creamy notes of coconut rum, the tartness of lime, a slight whisper of blackberry liqueur, and the earthy aroma of sage.


The Barrel   |  811 Albertson Pkwy., Broussard.  |  337-330-8039





1. Muddle 6-10 fresh blackberries (depending on size) in a shaker tin.


2. Add 2 oz. coconut rum, 0.75 oz. blackberry liqueur and 0.5 oz. lime juice and fill tin with ice. Vigorously shake for approximately 30 seconds.


3. Fine strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice, preferably crushed. Garnish with a single expressed sage leaf.