Runway Report

Just when they persuaded us to bob and lob it, hair at the fashion shows is as long as the runways.  No fear, start to grow or grab the extensions to get long, luxe locks or Big Day bangs.











1.  Long and wavy
To complement the ‘70s boho vibe, the blow dryers and curlers came out to create big, bouncy waves and curls to reflect a carefree spirit.

Runway Report

2. Elegant long pony
Sweep real or “enhanced” long, lustrous locks into the sleekest of ponies; it’s a cinch with a pretty tie or clasp.

Runway Report

3.  Sleek chignon
With all the super shine sprays and oils, hair is pulled back into the sleekest of chignons without worrying about flyaways. Wear high or low.

Runway Report

4.  Blunt chop
If you are going to embrace the chop, do it à  la Kerry Washington. It’s like wearing your hair down while enjoying the ease and speed of short hair.  

Runway Report

5.  Flowers, Fruit and Bows
According to the fashion pack, brides this year have full license to accessorize and incorporate wedding colors, flowers or even fruits into sophisticated and rustic styles.

Runway Report

6.  Half-pony
Can’t decide up or down? Have both, the new alternative to the half updo is the half-pony. Keep pieces long and flowing at the front and neatly tied or
up at the back.


7.  Undone braid
You could hardly find a designer who wasn’t playing with plaits from classic singles to rows of multiples. For the prettiest and most wearable, opt for a romantic messy version.


8.  Messy chignon
Affording the sophistication of an updo with added softness, this romantic look appeared in hundreds of variations at the shows.


9.  Braided chignon
Incorporating single braids nods to the trend, but why not commit to a full, multi-strand show-stopping look?


10.  Barrettes & Tiaras
Embellishment was practically a proclamation; so adorn short and long styles with diamonds and jewels in clips and tiaras.


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