While exploring southeast Asia for a year, Rupa Mohan realized that one aspect of life is often left out for travelers: fitness. Because travelers must get by with little to no gear, they’re often left to the mercy of hotel gyms. Mohan, however, believed that health and wellness practices could be incorporated into trips with ease, so she decided to launch a business catering to travelers who are fans of health and wellness practices. Because of the city’s fame as a startup hotspot, Mohan took a flight from New Delhi to New Orleans to found The Sweat Social.

The Sweat Social offers a tremendous variety of fitness and wellness services for travelers in New Orleans. A morning yoga or high intensity interval training class can help visitors refresh after a few days of enjoying the city’s culinary and cocktail culture. From guided meditation to fun runs, visitors can maintain fitness at their own pace.  

At this time The Sweat Social particularly caters to the many groups of people who come to New Orleans for conferences. On-site stretch breaks can help conference-goers take a breather in between meetings. What is more, “sweatworking” offers an alternative to the traditional networking event. By doing a workout together, visitors can quickly break down barriers and get to know one another. Specialty workouts are also offered. Scavenger hunts are a hit, as well as brass class – a workout class set to the tempo of a live brass band.

Mohan purposefully chose New Orleans as the launch site for her business. The city’s tourism industry, as well as its large number of conferences and conventions, made it a perfect setting for The Sweat Social’s proof of concept. In particular, the supportive entrepreneurial community in New Orleans helped her out.

“New Orleans is a phenomenal place to start a business,” says Mohan.

Going forward, Mohan hopes to launch The Sweat Social in cities across the United States. Chances are people won’t want to leave home without their health and wellness practices. The Sweat Social can help meet those needs. 

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