“It’s important to be involved in your community because you’re a part of it, therefore it’s yours and you should always cherish what’s yours,” says Samyra Cambrielle Miller, a senior at Lusher Charter School. “From my activism I have gained purpose. Because of my involvement in both my school and community, I see that I have duty in this world to give back.”

Miller’s most rewarding volunteer experience was her time as a camp counselor for 4-H Summer Camp. Since Miller is heavily involved with the arts, she volunteered her creative side with the Performing Arts Track.

“For a week I got to share my passion for performing with younger kids who aspire to become dancers, singers and actors,” says Miller. “Though falling out of the canoe into the lake wasn’t fun, I truly enjoyed working with the campers! It’s all about passing your torch down and having a positive influence on others.”

Dawson McCall, Miller’s sophomore World History teacher, inspired her to become an activist. On the first day of class, McCall asked why the students were studying history, and most students responded that they were studying history to learn from the past’s mistakes so they don’t happen again.

“McCall asked, ‘What will your role be in this story of our world? How will you be remembered?’” says Miller. “That triggered a whole different side of my brain. I wanted to someone who was remembered for her passion and how she used her gifts and talents to better her community.”

At Lusher, Miller is Student Body President, 4-H Club President, a member of National Honor Society, in the fall musical and in Lusher’s Choir. Within her community Miler is the Louisiana State 4-H Performing Arts Board President, a member of Orleans Parish 4-H Junior Leaders, head board member for United Way’s Mission Ignition and a representative of Lusher’s in the Young Leader Series by Rethink NOLA.

Miller graduates this spring and hopes to be a member of Stanford’s class of 2021. Even though she’s unsure of what she wants to major in, Miller hopes to study abroad in college and visit lesser developed countries of the world to offer her services.