Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Nichole Manning
Belle Amour Photography,

This photo was taken Sept. 3, 2011, at Rosie’s Jazz Hall. What made this picture so unique was that this couple was from New York, and the week prior Hurricane Irene hit them, just to fly down for their wedding during the middle of Tropical Storm Lee!

I chose this because nothing could keep this amazing couple down on their wedding day. Rain or shine, it was a fabulous day. You can see how much fun they were having as they strapped on their boots to go splash in the puddles! I am proud of this shot because it not only reflects the couple’s personality, but it also reflects my point of view as a wedding photographer. I love to do things outside the box creating fun and memorable moments that my bride and groom can look back on and smile.

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Maile Lani
Maile Lani Photography,

I took this photograph in New Orleans at the Degas House on May 21, 2011.

This is my favorite photograph because it was the first time I got a real result using the Impossible Project’s Polaroid film. Up until this point, the film was wild and unpredictable. Sometimes the shots would be fantastic, but other times I’d get a blank blurry mess. When this photograph developed, my heart skipped a beat. It looked like a miniature painting and was completely different than anything I’ve ever taken on Polaroid film.

I asked my bride to stand by the window and hold the curtain back so a little more light would be on her face. I took a few digital shots, and then a couple on medium format film. For the last shot, I took out my Polaroid SX-70 and stood as still as I possibly could, leaning against the window so the picture wouldn’t blur.

My bride found me online and I was booked because of my use of film and Polaroids.

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Lauren Liberto
Liberto Photography,

This photo was taken at Rosy’s Jazz Hall on April 22, 2012.

I chose this particular photo because out of all the weddings I have shot, this photo represents New Orleans in the best way. It is my favorite because it was a completely candid shot and it shows both how in love and happy the couple is, as well as, the aesthetics and feel of a New Orleans wedding. I am proud of it because I am lucky enough to be able to capture moments like these; moments that a couple candidly shows their true love and happiness without thinking the camera is staring at them. There was no staging, it was a truly love filled moment.

This client had viewed my website and saw posts that I often post on Facebook. She did mention that she loved my New Orleans-based photography (seeing that most of her guests were from out of the country) and the fact that she noticed that I focused on mostly a journalistic style of photography as opposed to a lot of generic and staged photos.

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George Kuchler
GK Photography,

This image was created at the bride’s bridal session at Nottoway Plantation in February 2012.

Honestly, I have a bunch of magazine-worthy images from this bride. She truly blew me away when I saw her in her dress because she is such a jeans and T-shirt kinda girl! I captured her senior portraits 10 years ago so it felt like I was photographing a family member at her wedding. I had such a fun time walking around the plantation creating images and talking about her wedding day plans. We both stopped in our tracks when this image was taken.

With the couch, the painting on the wall and the building, it all came together to be a great image. When I asked Megan to sit on the couch, I first showed her what I was thinking, which was funny to watch, but then the portrait fell into place as she brought her head up for the shot. When you step back and breathe before taking the shot—you feel the magic!  

I am most proud of this image because for many years I have seen images I wanted to be the creator of. Now I am proud of signing my name on images like Megan on the couch, which now hangs on my studio wall. Every story should have an image that represents it to the fullest.

Say Cheese!

Lizzie Ford-Madrid
Lizzie Ford-Madrid Weddings,

This photo was taken June 9, 2012, at St. Joseph’s church on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans.

I chose this photo because it is incredibly romantic. I feel like I captured a genuine moment of a couple that is truly in love. I’m proud of it because I feel like it’s a perfect example of my aesthetic and it really reflects what I set out to do as a wedding photographer, which is preserve moments for couples that they can share with their family and friends long after the wedding is over.

This shot was a set up outside of the church. My assistant, Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, held up a reflector and I just gave the couple (Nick and Marguerite) a little guidance.

This couple found me through a friend. I think they liked that I’m not like most wedding photographers out there. I have a unique style, and I take the time to listen to exactly what the couple wants out of their portraits and candids.

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Ron Carr
Aimeezing Faces,

This image was taken April 22, 2012 on the bank of the Mississippi Levee overlooking Nottaway Plantation.

I love a composition that tells a story. The bride and groom were married the day before, April 21, 2012, on the steps of the plantation, so we did her bridals with Chris in tow. The wind was blowing, though, so they were chatting about her falling off the hill by herself, and that she couldn’t hear a word I was saying! We were doing bridal portraits with her alone facing into the wind and sun. Chris came in and this was a candid before we figured out how to hear each other. It was blowing about 20 miles per hour with gusts.

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Celeste Mackenroth
Dream Catcher Photography & Video,

This photo was taken June 30, 2007, in the French Quarter.

This is one of my favorites because not only is it a beautiful picture, but the bride and groom are some of the nicest people ever! It has been five years since I took this picture, and since then, I have taken their maternity pictures, their babies’ pictures, holidays, etc. They have been through some rough times as a family and continue to go through rough times, yet, their relationship seems stronger every time I see them. They have greatly impacted my life in such a positive way.

The bride found me by way of referral. She was a bridesmaid, and we just hit it off from the moment we met. She said I made her look good!

Say Cheese!

Christy Kotter
Photography by Christy,

This photo was taken at Maison Lafitte in Mandeville, La., in September 2012.

It was candid. I like this photo because the bride is being herself, not posing, but being natural. I think this couple chose me because my style is laid back and fun. I try to capture my brides as they truly are, without pretense.


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