To write a wedding-related blog five times a week, as well as produce a semi-annual bridal magazine, you can imagine we are a little obsessed with weddings.

So, when Netflix announced the release of a new series all about relationships and the wedding planning process, we dove in headfirst.

Weddings are a beautiful time in a couple’s life that inevitably brings joy and happiness to the betrothed, attendents and guests. But anyone that has planned a wedding or been a part of the wedding-planning process knows that it’s not always an easy road.

In “Say I Do, Surprise Weddings” event designer Jeremiah Brent (from “Nate & Jeremiah by Design”), fashion designer Thai Nguyen and chef Gabriele Bertaccini help eight deserving couples quickly plan the wedding of their dreams.

With everything that 2020 has brought to the world, sometimes you just need a few minutes to experience something wholesome, happy and good. (Kelly here — each episode brought me to full-blown tears in the best way possible.) “Say I Do” shows how much effort is put into wedding planning while sharing the background stories and lives of the couples and families that were involved, as each episode brings a little something different to the show.

The show is also produced by the dream team behind the “Queer Eye” series, which is also on Netflix, and means it’s going to punch you in the gut while it makes you feel like maybe there is hope for 2020 after all.


In New Orleans, the team behind Pop of Love New Orleans are a little like the “Say I Do” dream team in that they help couples from New Orleans and beyond plan their special day, quickly, affordably and sometimes in a hurry. Click here for our previous writeup about Pop of Love.

In addition to Pop of Love, here is a list of a few other event and wedding planners around the city that can help you plan a Netflix special worthy Big Day.


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