NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Legendary bartender Henry Ramos made his mark in New Orleans creating the Ramos Gin Fizz and today, the Sazerac Company pays tribute by releasing its own Henry Ramos Gin. The premium, New Orleans-inspired Old Tom style Gin was created with the goal of making the ideal gin for the Ramos Gin Fizz Cocktail and will be available at the Sazerac House in New Orleans through Spring 2020 before becoming available in other markets.

“Our new Henry Ramos Gin honors the creations and libations of Henry C. Ramos, whose Imperial Cabinet Saloon and Stag Saloon became hubs for cocktail culture in New Orleans due to his Ramos Gin Fizz,” said Brian Prewitt, master distiller for A. Smith Bowman Distillery, who created the Henry Ramos Gin recipe.

Henry C. Ramos began his career in New Orleans in the 1870s as a bartender at a beer saloon on Royal Street in the French Quarter, just across the street from the original Sazerac Coffeehouse. After a short stint in Baton Rouge, Ramos returned to New Orleans and became the sole proprietor of the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans by the late 1880s. At the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, he became very popular for his gin fizz, which, among other ingredients, contained an egg white that allowed for its fluffy fizz quality. After his career at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, Ramos opened the Stag Saloon in New Orleans. Stag Saloon was known as having the longest bar in the City at the time, and at one point used 5,000 eggs a week for its Ramos Gin Fizzes.

Henry Ramos Gin is an Old Tom Styled Gin created from 100% Grain Base, distilled in a 500 gallon still in small batches. It is 85.6 proof, in honor of Henry Ramos’s birth year of 1856. Henry Ramos Gin is best in the Ramos Gin Fizz, but makes an excellent Tom Collins, Gin and Tonic or any other gin classic.

Tasting notes describe this gin as:

Nose: Sweet Lemon, Orange Peel, Light Floral and Soft Juniper

Taste: Sweet with the juniper taking front and center followed by notes of honeysuckle, orange and cinnamon and other brown spices

Finish: Sweet, smooth and mild. The heavier mouthfeel lingers with characteristics of juniper and floral notes noticeable long after your last sip.

Henry Ramos Gin is currently available at Sazerac House in New Orleans at a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 mL. It will be available in limited markets, both domestically and globally, starting in Spring 2020.