Ed Melendreas, celebration co-chair Maria Melendreas, celebration co-chair Allison Talley and Chuck Talley at Jesuit High School’s Celebration 2008, where the

rainforest theme carried throughout decorations, food and the sounds of Coconut Drive.

Auction co-chair Chris Zazulak, patron party volunteer Sheila Vorke, patron party volunteer Karen Matthews and auction co-chair

Anne Barnes at Jesuit’s Rainforest Celebration, during which Tom and Dana Bagwill hosted the live auction.

Ralph Aucoin, Board of Trustees member Cindy Nuesslein, Keiren Aucoin and Ricky Nuesslein at Dominican High School’s Denim and Diamonds at Dominican fundraiser, Saturday, February 23.

Parents Club President Scott Whittaker and Wendy Whittaker, sponsors of the Wine & Dine party, also at Dominican’s fundraiser, which had over 300 auction items and the music of the Dominican High School Jazz Ensemble and later by the

Wise Guys.