The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School Founders Colby “Skip” Dempesy, Paul Guth, Sybil Morial, Matthew Causey and Barbara MacPhee celebrated the school’s 25th anniversary in April. The celebration featured a student-led event to show Sci High evolved from a specialty program into one of the top schools in the city. 

Julie Bourgeois, April Okpo and Kristen Nelson pose with Sci High seniors Sarah Martzolf, Wade Marshall and Darreille L. Ellis, who emceed at “Vision 20/20: Sci High’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.” The school is ranked No. 7 in New Orleans and the event featured student exhibitions and models of the school’s new building due to open in 2020. 

Edie Darragh, Mark Faliveno, Amal Hamdan and Ashley Iserman are shown with their Mirror Ball trophies at “Dancing With the Stars, The Good Shepherd Way,” an annual fundraiser for The Good Shepherd School.

Good Shepherd School President Tommy Moran Jr., Archbishop Gregory Aymond and Ajani Gibson attended the 2018 Good Shepherd School fundraiser. This year’s theme was “Love Will Keep Us Together” and the event raised more than any before. 

Genny Morris and Sid Artigues won Fan Favorite at the 2018 “Dancing With the Stars, The Good Shepherd Way” contest, which raised over $395,000 to benefit the school.

Louise S. McGehee School welcomed their new headmaster, Kimberly Field-Marvin during October’s installation ceremony. The ceremony speakers included: (front row) Sarah Westfall, Julia Beery, Jaida Felix and Kimberly Field-Marvin and (back row) Richard Currence, Margo Phelps, Laura Shields and Peter Kuriloff.