When it comes to international relations and the rising trade tariffs popping up between the United States and other countries, a connection between these issues and the bridal industry is not something  most of us consider.

However, the International Bridal Manufacturers Association has recently launched a new awareness campaign to urge brides to buy local and from reputable online merchants in the midst of foreign trade issues and the continued emergence of disreputable online retailers.

“The tagline [Come Find Your Yes!] emerged from a collaborative approach with the top bridal stores in the country,” says Bruce Campbell, IBMA president in a press release about the campaign. “We want to encourage brides to avoid the mishaps and pitfalls of purchasing a gown online, which can cause stress for them on their special day. Our focus is to have the bride’s best interest at heart and help them turn their vision into a magical reality for their wedding day.”

The release continued by saying, “Some brides feel that the bridal experience at a boutique comes with a hefty price tag, but that is not the case. Local bridal salons offer gowns in a variety of price points, fabrics and styles, making it easy to find that perfect dress.”

Though buying online may seem ideal, the objective behind the campaign is to ensure that brides seeking their magical bridal moment avoid untrustworthy companies and stick to local bridal stores with high reputations and high client experience.

IBMA has partnered with its 3,000 members to create the Come Find Your Yes! website and local boutique finder. Eight local boutiques from the Greater New Orleans area to Baton Rouge are found on the list and touted as those companies that are able to give brides the ultimate wedding experience.


Click here to see the full Come Find Your Yes! website, as well as look up local stores in our area.