Seasonal Style

Winter color palettes perfect for wedding fun

It won’t officially be winter until next month, but Louisiana has skipped fall and nestled into the cold weather – at least for right now. With winter comes cool-to-cold weather (depending on the time of day) and an all around new style – (Kelly here: This is my personal favorite style season.)

It’s a little late to put a winter theme into your wedding ceremony or reception – as your picks for linens, flowers, bridesmaid’s attire and other details are most likely decided on by this point – but it is not too late to stylishly amp up your wedding-related soirée with on-trend hues highlighting the season while avoiding clichés and colorful faux pas.

After New York and London fashion weeks earlier this year, Pantone, national authority on all things color, put together a Winter 2019/2020 guide for style, fashion and any other hue needs.

Not only does Pantone have festive colors related to the holidays that additionally can stand strong on their own, but also the list has four core, classic winter colors that are chic and — in our opinion — should be used everywhere.

A few of the hues take on a more autumnal feel, but our favorite shades include “Chili Pepper” – a fiery red that adds just the right amount of drama – and the “Guacamole” green hue offering richness and calm to the groupings. The two together are a Christmas-related color combo, but  if done correctly these two hues can evoke a chic decor theme to any event and each on its own is equally as powerful and statement making.



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