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Emily Shea Robín knows how to light up a room. This year, the born-and-bred Louisianan has cemented her position as both interior decorator and working mom. Armed with many years of professional experience, diligence, and instinct, this design impresario launched her own firm, Charlotte Logan Interiors, named after her two children. With fall upon us, Robín explains that decorating for fall is one of her favorite times of year. “It’s a season in Louisiana where everyone comes together for school, football, Sunday suppers, and holiday nostalgia begins to twirl in everyone’s head,” the decorator says. Robín suggests using the five senses to highlight all that fall has to offer. “There’s a lot more that goes into interior design than just color choices,” Robín says. “It’s important that your home feel welcoming and ready to entertain.”

Swap faux flower wreaths for fresh, seasonal wreaths of magnolias garlands or an assortment of eucalyptus, bay leaves, and gooseberries. Drape fragrant garlands around the fireplace, front door, and down the center of the dining table. “Always make sure there’s something simmering on the stove, whether it’s that pumpkin spice latte, cocoa, chai tea or spiked apple cider with cinnamon sticks and orange slices. These fall libations always make any home smell homey and inviting,” Robín advises. She also suggests lighting candles throughout the home, with hints of amber, pumpkin spice and cardamom.

“What I love most about this time of year is the vibrant colors. Fall is all about bringing rich hues inside, layering and textures,” Robín says. The decorator suggests using earthy tones of sage, chartreuse, mustard, burnt orange, rich caramel and eggplant. “Layer these shades with black, cotton white and oatmeal.” Fall flower arrangements are another way to show off some of the season’s richest hues. Whether you gather armfuls of bright orange and red leaves from the yard or some of the richest blooms from a local nursery, the season’s cuttings won’t disappoint. “Place oversized bright orange pumpkins alongside your large planters by your front door or even throughout the kitchen or on countertops. You can also make a statement by painting pumpkins white and layering with greenery.”

Autumnal dishes, such as charcuterie, baked brie, and homemade artichoke dip, can be arranged on terracotta dishes, marble serving trays, or your favorite old wooden chop block. Use a vibrant garnish, such as rosemary, edible vibrant flowers, or oranges to invite the warmth of the fall season. Add extra flavor to your kitchen by arranging juicy pears, satsumas (with the stems still on) and crunchy red apples in clear cylinder vases in different shapes and sizes. Buy fresh, seasonal produce at your local farmers market.

Light a fire in the fireplace to infuse the crackling sound throughout the home. Open the windows and listen to the window blow and fall leaves rustle. “Create the perfect fall playlist. Maybe even include some Halloween family favorites, like ‘Thriller’ and ‘The Monster Mash.’ These are always a huge hit in our home during the month of October,” Robín says.

“To me fall is the coziest time of year. The humid heat of the Louisiana summer is finally beginning to lift and you can snuggle up with your loved ones around a fire,” the mom of two says. Buy a fire pit for the backyard. Change the light cotton and linen fabrics for cashmere and fur throws. Use velvet pillows in various shades of mustard, black, caramel or sage green. These can be enjoyed not just throughout the fall, but for the winter holiday season.