Celebrations are important rituals. Happy events that we commemorate with parties, gathering with loved ones and things like cakes, balloons and presents. They create moments that we replay in our memories.

However, during this time celebrations are much different, and we often have to be content with drive-by waving and much smaller gatherings – sometimes only gathering digitally.

Over the next three installments of this piece, St. Charles Avenue’s Executive Editor Bev Church will present two special birthday celebrations, and then I’ll give you tips from local experts and ideas for making any celebration magical. Enjoy!

         – Morgan

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When a young girl reaches 16, it’s a big deal. Before the stay-at-home order commenced, Kate had planned on having a special Sweet 16 Party with all of her friends, but that all changed when the pandemic hit! Her mom, Jane, and dad, Greg, decided that they would celebrate in the best way they could – given the circumstances of a shutdown of school, restaurants and almost the entire city.

Jane used to own the The Stationer, an invitation and party store, so her decorating skills are advanced. She had already bought balloons before the shut-down, so she used them to create a fabulous entrance with pink balloons and created a headpiece for Kate to wear all day long! Her Dad got her a Mercedes, which was wrapped with a giant bow! Normally, they would go to a favorite restaurant, so Jane created a restaurant scene in the house which was hidden from Kate until dinnertime. Everyone got dressed for dinner and Kate had her favorite meal complete with filet and a sumptuous birthday cake. Friends drove by all day long and she got a huge bouquet of roses from Gayle Benson! Sounds like a great Sweet 16 given the circumstances! You can bet that Kate will never forget this day or this year!

– Bev

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