This is our second installment on celebrating at home.

As Phase 1 continues to roll out other options will begin to open, but for most of us “safe at home” will continue to be the rule for the following months.

Below you’ll read about how St. Charles Avenue’s Executive Editor Bev Church’s grandson spent his 10th birthday. And if you missed it, make sure to read Part 7a, where we learned how a local New Orleanian spent her Sweet 16.

Next week I’ll give you tips from local experts and ideas for making any celebration magical, so make sure to check back. Enjoy!

– Morgan


Part 7b 2Our grandchild, Lowery Church, just had his 10th birthday in Mobile, Alabama, and it was quite a different celebration than they had planned because of the pandemic!

He really wanted a huge celebration either playing paint ball or at a trampoline park, but neither was an option. His mom and dad, Dottie and John Mark Church, went into high gear to come up with a celebration where the boys could be socially distanced – and thought of ice cream!

Dottie emailed invitations to 10 boys and then texted the moms with details.

She contacted Richard Stanley of Stanley’s Ice Cream to park the truck in front of their house. Each child went up to order the ice cream of their choice and then sat on blue tape in the driveway so they could stay apart while they ate and talked.

Part 7b 1Of course they wanted to play basketball, which they couldn’t, but Dottie was amazed that they all were so happy just to talk and see each other! What’s good for a 10-year-old is what’s good for us as well!

Lowery got great presents: wireless earbuds and a lime green kayak and lots of XBox gift cards, as well as ones to Dick’s and Academy! It was the perfect celebration and the moms picked everyone up within an hour.

This is a birthday he will always remember!

– Bev