Garrett Haab is the owner of a successful lumberyard, Sequoia Outdoor Supply;  an experienced contractor; and a sculptor who will soon have his work showcased in major gallery openings in New York, Miami and Venice, Italy.

“My medium is that of my trade; iron pieces commonly found around the lumberyard or construction site,” he says. “I start by welding the iron together from fragments of fence, railroad tie plates or carriage bolts. That’s when the vision takes shape.”

The juxtaposition of art and industry is the signature of this artist, who welded his first metal sculpture in 2011.

Sequoia Outdoor Supply carries a complete line of products from treated lumber to the perfect hinge for a garden gate. Haab works with DIY homeowners and professional contractors offering both high-quality products and user-friendly customer service.

Besides the fence posts and cedar play sets, this lumberyard also serves as a gallery for this self-taught artist’s astonishing sculptures.
“I can make any size custom or commissioned pieces for collectors or businesses, providing installation including on site foundation work, welding and fabrication to permanently mount pieces indoors or out,” he says.

Haab’s clients are mostly local but he also ships his artwork to clients in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

“I’ve always loved to build and create,” he says. “Although my mother cried the day I dropped out of LSU to build decks and fences, today she happily works side-by-side with my kids and me at the lumber business. These experiences, along with my rich family life, fueled by my wife and three children, provide the inspiration for my art.”

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