Shake, Pour and Chill Out

When the heat and humidity of August settle in, we are all looking for an escape. For some, the lure of the mountains takes over. For others, there’s never leaving an air-conditioned space. And for the rest of us, there’s the beach and the cool breezes coming off of the salt waters of the Gulf.

Oak Street’s DTB (Down the Bayou) has another great suggestion: the Saltwater, served at their bar with fine indigenous dishes from the menu. Chef Carl Schaubhut and Mixologist Lu Brow furnished this recipe, which should cool matters off at your place or theirs. DTB is air conditioned, has a terrific menu, and plays some very cool Louisiana music.



2 ounces vodka
1 ounce Pamplemousse liqueur
¾ ounce Basil & pink peppercorn syrup*
¾ ounce fresh grapefruit juice
½ ounce fresh lime
Grapefruit & Pink Himalayan salt rim
Basil garnish
 All ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake, then pour contents in a rocks glass rimmed with grapefruit peel and salt.  Garnish with basil.
 *Basil & pink peppercorn syrup
1 plastic ½ gallon container
granulated sugar (half container)
1 ounce pink peppercorn
1 cup fresh basil

Fill plastic container halfway with sugar. Fill 2/3 of the remainder with very hot Water. Stir. Add basil, peppercorns. Stir again till well mixed.  Add cool water to top. Allow to steep for 2 hours. Remove basil & peppercorns, allow to cool.
DTB, 8201 Oak Street, 518-6889,



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